Saturday, 3 January 2015

Definition of Vector Art

What is vector Art. Vector art is one of the two forms of art used by computers, the other form being bitmap art (raster). Bitmap art is identified with file names ending in .gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, and .pcx. Vector art files are typically saved as .eps, .ai, or .cdr files. A bitmap file (raster), is a dot matrix data structure it uses pixels (small dots or squares of color) to create an overall image. The Raster art file has rough, pixilated edges. 2. I converted a Photoshop file to.EPS, why can't I use this as vector art?

Vector art images use lines to create images, photographs can't normally be turned into a vector image. In a vector file everything is a separate item. Vector art must have been created as a vector file. How do you tell if a file is a vector art file?

You can usually identify vector art by process of elimination. A.pdf file may be vector or raster. The difference between these types of art files lies in how an image is stored within the art files themselves. Bitmap files consist of a series of numbers and colors that represent coordinates within the image area's grid. To store a bitmap image, the computer creates a gridwork of the image area. Vector files are nothing like a bitmap file. A vector file contains the information for creating lines. A vector equation indicates both direction and velocity. Vector files sound really technical and complex in their creation.

Vector images have a number of advantages over bitmap images, including:
If you try to enlarge a bitmap image, your computer can only enlarge the size of the squares making up the image area. For example, let's say you created a vector art file with a circle in the background. Each object is a separate item within a vector file.

Keep in mind that if a professional graphic designer created your art/logo for you, they should have saved your artwork as vector art file, even if they did not send that file to you.

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