Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Things To Do And See In Nottingham

Nottingham Breaking News
As famous in earlier days for its exquisite lace as for Robin of Locksley and his exploits, the city's traditional lace-making area has a fine selection of heritage buildings, the most famous of which are the old Lace Market structure and nearby Shire Hall containing the Galleries of Justice. The city is an architecture buff's dream destination, with many different historic styles jostling one another in the centre and various inner city districts. Georgian and Victorian town homes and terraces line the city streets, interspersed with Gothic revival churches and the magnificent Pugin-designed St Barnabas' Cathedral, with ancient, medieval Nottingham Castle set to the west of downtown. King Street and Queen Street display striking Victorian piles designed by famous architects of the period.

Now an award-winning visitor attraction, the caves are a fascinating part of the city's heritage. Nottingham isn't just for history buffs, however, with its shopping, dining, sports events and nightlife drawing visitors from all over the shire and beyond to the city centre.

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