Friday, 5 July 2013

What to do if you receive a puppy home

If you put just a puppy home, probably you will sleep the first night on the two just a few hours. Don't worry, it has nothing to do with you, but with the fact that it's animals, the routine. Therefore, if the puppy in an unknown location, he will feel at first not well. It will take some time to connect with you, especially to that he lost his mother and his brothers.

Like a toddler, the puppy has little control over his emotions and cries at night and I can't sleep. The solution is to not cry to him in order to stop crying. That fear, that it would be a good start to their relationship make. Also try not to console him constantly at night. If they shout it or touch it gently, will understand that when he is crying, you're there to get used to.

It is better for him to prepare a safe place to sleep for it, by currents of air, or perhaps injured or sick to protect it. If he is crying your heart breaks, you can the mat in the same room with you, near their bed linen. In this way, he will know that you are near, and that you can rub on the night when he groans. Immediately sleep more puppies, but there are others refusing to stubborn to quiet down. If it bothers you, it is best to place your pad in another room, where cannot hear you. Give him food and water. But be prepared to have some nights without sleep and never reach your puppy to cry. It is like a small child who is afraid, because not understood where is.

Some people choose your dog in the same bed out. You must take into account, that it is a habit that, as soon as it can not be changed.

Be careful of your safety!

Puppies are supported as disobedient. They are curious and committed, if they want something, much. You need a safe place to be able to explore freely and where play, if you're not at home. Just as a child is smelling the puppies and put in the mouth, which is on its way, so make sure that it is not in the small elements of the House, the have to have to swallow. Electrical wires, cables, poisonous, detergents, plants, all these are tempting for a small dog. The care of him, always a constant of the eye because it still hangs much of you.

Feed him properly, which, taking into account their nutritional needs. The best thing is to buy special food for puppies, depending on your age and weight, but I want homemade food gives you, you should consult your veterinarian to make sure that it does not follow.

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